Window Craft

About Us

Window Craft is an independent business that was started over 30 years ago in Nuneaton.

We are still here, and it is still the same family run business.

Most of our work is from recommendations, which shows that our work is of high quality and at reasonable prices. Value for money is so important nowadays.

There are many satisfied Windowcraft customers all over Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coventry and further afield (eg. Birmingham, Leicestershire, Devon and Cornwall. On our travels, my husband often points out windows he has done - which after 25 years married is a teensy bit boring but he is so proud of his work so what can I say?)

Have a look at our services and give Pete a ring if you'd like a chat about windows or associated stuff - keeps him happy. 

And no, this isn't the slickest website in the area - our expertise is in windows and conservatories, not Windows and the interweb.